Monday, November 9, 2009

New Office

We have now started in our new office. Things are going well. Many of Kent's former patients have found where we are and they are excited to have him working on them again.
This is our reception room. We are an independent building in the Highlands Ranch Town Center. The other part of our building is a chiropractor. We are on the main level and we have lots of windows. We have a big sign that says "Family Dentistry" over the door. Every day we have people walk in and ask questions and decide to come.

Linda Williams is the hygienist that has been with Kent for over 23 years. She is in the new sterilization lab. She's excited to be working with Kent again.

This is Kelly Cater--Kent's assistant for over 23 years. She was a major help in getting the new office going. You can see one of the operatories here. It is much more open than the old office.

Here's a patient from today--Connie Hirz. We have known her for many years as an art teacher for our kids at Creekside and Eaglecrest. It was fun to see her again.
Rolayne is working the front desk. We are enjoying our new location and excited about this new adventure!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cootie Party--Cowboy Theme

October brings another Cootie Party. We had lot of fun with Yipee Yi Yo Ki Cootie! Our friends really got into the spirit of things dressing up with cowboy hats, etc. We had a fun time "lassoing" steers in the basement. Here's some of the onlookers.

Lindsey and her roommate Camille were here for the party. Here's their group being "hogtied."

Kent and Rolayne during the lasso time. We used Evan Goulding's steers from his days in the rodeo circuit. It was pretty fun and funny to watch everyone.

Here's Steve and JoAnn Calder throwing horseshoes and being handcuffed together while they do it.

Of course Rick Valentine made a hit coming as an Indian to the cowboy party. Jill wore her pink cowboy hat and had pink pistols. We had lots of fun as always. Our friends are very kind to put up with the silliness. But you know: High Adventure, Light Refreshment and Cheap Thrills is the theme.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In the Middle

Dave and kids with Grandma Rolayne the morning I left.

When I went to Utah in June I took a book that Dave had made when he was 7 years 2 months old. It was to my parents. He had drawn around his foot to show them how big his foot was. So I took it to show Kobe because he was that same age now and I wondered how he would compare. His foot was exactly the same size as Dave's was at that age! Then we measured how tall Kobe was compared to me and I realized it was about the same height as I am to Dave. So we took a picture of me between them. I thought this was pretty fun. How long do you think it will be until Kobe is as tall as I am? I think I will be the shortest in my family.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Favorite Places

We had such a fun time meeting with the family. This night Grandpa bought us all dinner.

Ryken, Jantsen, Lindsey and Darek enjoyed playing on the beach.

We went to see all Kent's favorite things. These are some shots from the Portland Japanese Gardens. We had Wendy and Ryken with us all week and really enjoyed our time with them.

The main waterfall in the Portland Japanese Gardens.

Kent loves looking at beautiful rose gardens. This one is in the Portland Rose Garden.

Oregon Trip

Lindsey and Kent enjoyed looking at the "critters" in the water. The only problem is that the water off the Oregon Coast is very cold!

We went to lunch at "Mo's" so that we could have clam chowder. Rolayne, Kent, Darek, Wendy, Ryken, Lindsey and Jantsen enjoyed some hours at the coast. Salem was experience record heat while we were there, so we went to Lincoln City on the coast.

We went to Silver Creek Falls, one of Kent's favorite places. Ryken, Lindsey and Jantsen enjoyed the hike.

Dave, Shawnee, Kent, Wendy and Rolayne. We hiked a long way around the falls. It was beautiful!

Grandpa Sellers enjoyed listening to the family sit around and tell stories. We are putting his stories together in a history of his life. It was fun to spend time with him.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June Happenings

We had the sad news on June 1, 2009 that Kent's sister Wendy's husband (Steve Lakey) died that morning. He had not been feeling well for some time. He was only 50 years old. Kent and I were glad that we could go to Oregon to be with the family for the funeral. This is Wendy's family--Qile, Jantzen, Darek, Ben, Jaimason, Shaunelle, Ryken, Brynn and Wendy.

It was nice to have all the siblings there with their dad. Wendy has been amazingly strong. We think about her often. Last week we got the news that Grandpa Sellers has prostate and bone cancer. He also has been feeling poorly for some time. Hopefully the hormone therapy will help shrink the tumors and we can enjoy him for longer. You can see how much he has shrunk the last few years. He used to be the same height as Kory and Kent. When we got the call about Steve, I was in Utah to help with Nathan and Suzie's move and to help with Dave and Sarah's children.

This is Solena and Samantha. Solena will turn 4 on July 7 and Samantha turned 2 on April 16. They are adorable and fun little girls who love to play Barbies and baby dolls. That's a good way to melt my heart.

Here's Bryce and Kobe before their baseball game. They have had a lot of fun playing, and thanks to all the "Practice" with their dad and mom, they are really quite good at playing baseball. It was fun to watch a couple of their games while I was there. We also had an UNO marathon some of the days. They are really good sports and understand how to play well on their own. We spent many hours laughing and playing games.

I had fun making these little dresses for Samantha and Solena while I was there. I enjoyed playing with them. It's so fun to see their personalities.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Is Here!

This is the most wonderful time of the year! The lilacs are blooming (our backyard smells heavenly), the columbines are blooming, so are the iris and the poppies. This is a couple pictures of the Japanese Garden with the creeping phlox in full bloom. It just looks beautiful!

It's also graduation time and I got to go to the graduation for my niece, Jessica Anderson. This is Jessie with her siblings--Kelly, Jessie, Spencer and Mari. It's always fun when the youngest graduates. These are Connie and Brian's kids. (Kelly is due with a girl on July 15; Mari is attending BYU-I; Spencer works 2 jobs).

Kent was trimming the upright juniper in the front yard. He just kept trimming it because the snow had really damaged the shape on it. He kept trimming and trimming, and ended up with this cool palm looking juniper! We love it. Looks like it comes from the land of Dr. Seus.

Come on over and visit our gardens. After a lot of work to clean it all up, we are ready to play and enjoy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

10th Anniversary

This is the plaque at the Columbine Memorial. It is a very touching site.

The memorial is just over the hill from Columbine High School. We were there at dust last August.

Those of us who lived here have very strong memories of that day, 10 years ago today. A lot of healing can happen with time. But there will always be lessons about how we can get along better with others. We hope this was not in vain.

Friday, April 17, 2009


We have always had an Easter tradition of coloring eggs. Just because there are no kids at home doesn't mean we stop that tradition. JoAnn and Steve Calder are now our "Easter Egg" buddies. We are getting more creative each year.

We made a lot of fun designs this year. Now we are enjoying eating eggs every day!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Zealand

This is a waterfall by Milford Sound. It is a fjiord
on the South Island. We took a boat ride out and saw
many beautiful scenes.

This is near Champagne Lake in Rotorua. It is like Yellowstone with natural geysers, fumaroles, hot pots, etc. It smelled like sulphur. It was a nice hike all around the site.
This is the Franz Josef Glacier. It's amazing to see all the different forms of nature.

Of course we had to take time to smell the roses. We saw quite a few beautiful gardens. These were in Christchurch.

Kye took his nap most days while we continued on our activities. He was a very good sport considering all the things we were doing. This is also in Rotorua.

Samoan Adventure

Kent took some dental supplies down to Apia to a dental clinic. He got to spend half a day working there with Ralph Downey. The people come in and the first ones get the services for the day.
We went to the market. This is where Nathan got his weapon. It was very cool!

We played at some beautiful beaches. Nathan and Suzie went out snorkeling for awhile and we got to play with Kye. He loved to be thrown in the air.

This is Rolayne on sliding rock in Papaseea. I did some cliff jumping and rock sliding--my first time! It was so beautiful. We looked at all Nathan and Suzie's blog pictures and we recognized many of the places. It was so fun to be there.

Like father, like son. This is at Papaseea when Kent and Nathan climbed up some rocks after diving from the cliffs.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Visit to Brian and Nicole's home

Rolayne and her Curves friends on the occasion of her 600th visit to the workout studio!
Rolayne made Matthew a beautiful, manly quilt for Christmas. He really thinks it's cool!

Rolayne, Kent and Lindsey made a visit to Brian and Nicole's over the Holidays. This is their very cool kitchen table. (Bar stools to come.) Note in these two pictures the new oak flooring Brian is installing. The varied grains, colors and widths of planking make for a rustic and beautiful effect. They should be proud.

A view toward the fireplace family room area with their new black chairs. Their home is looking very classy.