Thursday, June 18, 2009

June Happenings

We had the sad news on June 1, 2009 that Kent's sister Wendy's husband (Steve Lakey) died that morning. He had not been feeling well for some time. He was only 50 years old. Kent and I were glad that we could go to Oregon to be with the family for the funeral. This is Wendy's family--Qile, Jantzen, Darek, Ben, Jaimason, Shaunelle, Ryken, Brynn and Wendy.

It was nice to have all the siblings there with their dad. Wendy has been amazingly strong. We think about her often. Last week we got the news that Grandpa Sellers has prostate and bone cancer. He also has been feeling poorly for some time. Hopefully the hormone therapy will help shrink the tumors and we can enjoy him for longer. You can see how much he has shrunk the last few years. He used to be the same height as Kory and Kent. When we got the call about Steve, I was in Utah to help with Nathan and Suzie's move and to help with Dave and Sarah's children.

This is Solena and Samantha. Solena will turn 4 on July 7 and Samantha turned 2 on April 16. They are adorable and fun little girls who love to play Barbies and baby dolls. That's a good way to melt my heart.

Here's Bryce and Kobe before their baseball game. They have had a lot of fun playing, and thanks to all the "Practice" with their dad and mom, they are really quite good at playing baseball. It was fun to watch a couple of their games while I was there. We also had an UNO marathon some of the days. They are really good sports and understand how to play well on their own. We spent many hours laughing and playing games.

I had fun making these little dresses for Samantha and Solena while I was there. I enjoyed playing with them. It's so fun to see their personalities.

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