Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bird Feeder

Kent's fun summer project has been building a "little" bird feeder for our fine feathered friends.
We haven't had our bird feeders up for a couple of years and we thought we would have more visitors to a bird feeder if it were surrounded by protected habitat instead of against the house.

Kent set up a scaffolding with planks resting on ladders and the fence in order to have easy access to the construction. You can see this is in the southwest corner of the Japanese Garden, just across the fence from the Mediterranean Garden.

This is earlier today when he was putting the tile on the roof.

He spent many hours over 4 days (not successive) building this project.

Tonight we have this completed "bird feeder/restaurant". Come on over and visit with us and see if you can spot any new birds while sipping lemonade on the deck.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Japanese Garden

This is the view of the waterfall in the Japanese Garden. Notice the beautiful Japanese iris that are part of the pond.

These Siberian iris are on the side of the pond. You can also see the bamboo pole that drips into the rock below.

These iris were gorgeous!

Rose Garden

This is a bigger view of the rose garden. You can see the fountain running. The dramatic part of this garden right now is the bloom of "John Davis" roses over the white arbor. It is stunning!

Notice the lavendar clematis and the blue geraniums that are growing up amidst the roses. They are a wonderful contrast.

The fountain makes a wonderful water sound. It splashes all around on the roses in the circle. Some of these roses are also very fragrant.

Many of the roses in the circle are in glorious bloom. It's the prettiest time of the year for our yard.

Mediterranean Garden

Here's a view of our Mediterranean Garden. The roses are in bloom all around it. We have a firepit that is gas and we love to sit out here and roast marshmallows.

The roses out here are just gorgeous. It is also very fragrant at this garden.

Here's our little statues in this garden.

Conversation Patio

This is the view from the conversation patio. The William Baffin rose is gorgeous.

This is the mock orange down in the patio. It smells amazing!

Iris along the sidewalk

This is the walk along the north side of the house to the backyard. The irises were beautiful, the snow in summer along the path was fun.

These are faded now, but they were beautiful for about 3 weeks.

Front Yard

This is what the front yard looks like now. The gate leading to the rose garden has a beautiful rose "Darlow's Enigma" growing over the brick pillar.

These are the front barrels. We have yellow and purple flowers this summer and they have been very pretty.

Here's the front barrels. The green plants growing up randomly are snapdragons that have seeded. In a few weeks they will have pretty blossoms as well.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Springtime in Colorado!

Lindsey was here last weekend. We took this picture on Mothers Day in the Japanese Garden.

Then on Wednesday it snowed and we woke up with it looking like this. It was the same again on Thursday.

And then by today (Sunday again) it was back to spring. It's springtime in Colorado and you learn to expect anything.
We have been planting flowers (in preparation for Kamarie Lindahl's wedding reception here on May 29th). Fortunately, they all survived the snow and two nights below freezing. Even the lilacs survived. We'll keep you posted with the gardens this summer.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Melanie's Teeth

Who is this gorgeous woman with Kent? It's his sister, Melanie Reynolds. She is in Denver for a few days for him to work on her teeth. He learned a new procedure in January at the Dental Convention that he thought would be great for her.

Kent put composite on her teeth to make them 4 mm longer! This is after he has done the front teeth.

You can see the difference when he had just done the first two teeth.

They worked on her for around 9 hours on Thursday. They will work another 4 hours tomorrow to make sure that they add the length to all her back teeth as well.

This is Melanie's smile before they started. Now when she smiles she shows TEETH!
It's been very fun to watch how excited she has been, and how much Kent has grinned and is so excited as well. What a wonderful time this has been.
Now Melanie just has to learn how to talk again. It's quite different. So Kent has told her to practice talking all the time. So give her a call and let her practice!