Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cootie Party--Cowboy Theme

October brings another Cootie Party. We had lot of fun with Yipee Yi Yo Ki Cootie! Our friends really got into the spirit of things dressing up with cowboy hats, etc. We had a fun time "lassoing" steers in the basement. Here's some of the onlookers.

Lindsey and her roommate Camille were here for the party. Here's their group being "hogtied."

Kent and Rolayne during the lasso time. We used Evan Goulding's steers from his days in the rodeo circuit. It was pretty fun and funny to watch everyone.

Here's Steve and JoAnn Calder throwing horseshoes and being handcuffed together while they do it.

Of course Rick Valentine made a hit coming as an Indian to the cowboy party. Jill wore her pink cowboy hat and had pink pistols. We had lots of fun as always. Our friends are very kind to put up with the silliness. But you know: High Adventure, Light Refreshment and Cheap Thrills is the theme.


Suzie said...

Gotta love the indian. It would have been really fun to be there.

Trenholms said...

Looks fun! It's nice to see that old people know how to have fun, too. Haha