Monday, November 9, 2009

New Office

We have now started in our new office. Things are going well. Many of Kent's former patients have found where we are and they are excited to have him working on them again.
This is our reception room. We are an independent building in the Highlands Ranch Town Center. The other part of our building is a chiropractor. We are on the main level and we have lots of windows. We have a big sign that says "Family Dentistry" over the door. Every day we have people walk in and ask questions and decide to come.

Linda Williams is the hygienist that has been with Kent for over 23 years. She is in the new sterilization lab. She's excited to be working with Kent again.

This is Kelly Cater--Kent's assistant for over 23 years. She was a major help in getting the new office going. You can see one of the operatories here. It is much more open than the old office.

Here's a patient from today--Connie Hirz. We have known her for many years as an art teacher for our kids at Creekside and Eaglecrest. It was fun to see her again.
Rolayne is working the front desk. We are enjoying our new location and excited about this new adventure!


Linz said...

So classy! And Connie Hirz is the best!!! So good to see pictures!

Cherrybaby said...

The office looks great! I wish we still lived there because we would definitely come. Thanks for sharing the pictures.