Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Is Here!

This is the most wonderful time of the year! The lilacs are blooming (our backyard smells heavenly), the columbines are blooming, so are the iris and the poppies. This is a couple pictures of the Japanese Garden with the creeping phlox in full bloom. It just looks beautiful!

It's also graduation time and I got to go to the graduation for my niece, Jessica Anderson. This is Jessie with her siblings--Kelly, Jessie, Spencer and Mari. It's always fun when the youngest graduates. These are Connie and Brian's kids. (Kelly is due with a girl on July 15; Mari is attending BYU-I; Spencer works 2 jobs).

Kent was trimming the upright juniper in the front yard. He just kept trimming it because the snow had really damaged the shape on it. He kept trimming and trimming, and ended up with this cool palm looking juniper! We love it. Looks like it comes from the land of Dr. Seus.

Come on over and visit our gardens. After a lot of work to clean it all up, we are ready to play and enjoy!

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Sarah said...

Hi Rolayne! I found your blog listed on Kelly's. I hope it's okay that I take a peek. My blog is How are you doing? We really miss the Grandview Ward and everyone in it! Take care!
Sarah Runyon