Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Japanese Gardens

Here are the changes going on in the Japanese Gardens. Richard and Connor Lindahl came over and helped Kent work on Saturday for 5 hours in 98 degree heat. They are converting the water in the middle and lower ponds to be dry ponds.

Changing the Japanese Gardens

After a couple of years of having challenges with the ponds in our Japanese Gardens, Kent has finally come up with a new plan. He has been knocking out the big ponds. He will make them into dry ponds. We are keeping the waterfall, but it will just drop below the path to the teahouse. This also means digging out the upper pond. Fortunately, Richard and Connor Lindahl came over last Saturday and helped do hard work for about 5 hours in 98 degree heat. These are the pictures of the lower and upper ponds as well as what the new center pond looks like in front of the teahouse.


Kent has been having fun helping some friends to do some landscaping at their homes. He's been helping our neighbor, Doyle Tinkey, and another friend, Bill Perry. This is a picture of Kent and Bill. Kent is finding it's a lot of fun to design for others as well--and even more fun when they pay the bills.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We had fun playing at Lagoon on June 28th for the Allen Family Reunion. Dave, Sarah, Kobe, Bryce, Solena and Samantha were able to join us. We had a lot of fun riding with them that day. The kids were great. It was fun to spend some time with them. Being at a theme park is much more fun when you can have children there!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Deer Fence

The iris were really beautiful in early June.

This is the sidewalk on the north side of the house. The snow in summer is in bloom.
This is the arbor in the perennial gardens with the John Davis roses all around it. It also has a pretty lavender clematis growing up beside it.

Our Gardens

This is the William Baffom rose and Morning Blush around our "Conversation Patio" entrance. It was beautiful in early June.