Friday, April 23, 2010

Melanie's Teeth

Who is this gorgeous woman with Kent? It's his sister, Melanie Reynolds. She is in Denver for a few days for him to work on her teeth. He learned a new procedure in January at the Dental Convention that he thought would be great for her.

Kent put composite on her teeth to make them 4 mm longer! This is after he has done the front teeth.

You can see the difference when he had just done the first two teeth.

They worked on her for around 9 hours on Thursday. They will work another 4 hours tomorrow to make sure that they add the length to all her back teeth as well.

This is Melanie's smile before they started. Now when she smiles she shows TEETH!
It's been very fun to watch how excited she has been, and how much Kent has grinned and is so excited as well. What a wonderful time this has been.
Now Melanie just has to learn how to talk again. It's quite different. So Kent has told her to practice talking all the time. So give her a call and let her practice!


Daisha said...

Wow! That looks so good!!

Tyler and Leslie said...

'Hot Momma'! Mel you look great! Love you all. Les

Trenholms said...

Looks awesome! What an exciting time for everyone.

Nathan said...

Wahoo! She looks great! You did a fabulous job, Dad!