Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bird Feeder

Kent's fun summer project has been building a "little" bird feeder for our fine feathered friends.
We haven't had our bird feeders up for a couple of years and we thought we would have more visitors to a bird feeder if it were surrounded by protected habitat instead of against the house.

Kent set up a scaffolding with planks resting on ladders and the fence in order to have easy access to the construction. You can see this is in the southwest corner of the Japanese Garden, just across the fence from the Mediterranean Garden.

This is earlier today when he was putting the tile on the roof.

He spent many hours over 4 days (not successive) building this project.

Tonight we have this completed "bird feeder/restaurant". Come on over and visit with us and see if you can spot any new birds while sipping lemonade on the deck.

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