Monday, January 12, 2009


On New Years Eve we had a Pirate Cootie Party with the Allen family. It was lots of fun to have everyone join in on this "high adventure." The championship round came down to Rolayne and Paul. Yes, Rolayne was the champion (embarrasing to win at your own party.)

This is Patsy Castor--a friend that I spend a lot of time with. She made bracelets for us for Christmas. This is Dalene Settle (Patsy's former care taker) and Rolayne and Lindsey showing off our bracelets.

Brian and Nicole came over in the late morning on Christmas. It was fun to have some time with them. We also went to see their house later in the week. Brian has just put in wood floors and it looked great!

Kent enjoyed Christmas--especially because he didn't ever catch the flu bug. It made him have a few more responsibilities, but he did it cheerfully.

It was wonderful to have Lindsey home for Christmas. It was a quiet Christmas morning with just the three of us. But we enjoyed it a lot. We also spend a lot of time with extended Allen family over the next few days.

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