Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Utah trip

I had fun on a recent trip to Utah (for Lindsey's show). It was fun to have time with Dave and Sarah's family. I always like to do a project with the kids. This is Bryce and Kobe fingerpainting.

Solena was my shadow. I loved playing with her--singing, talking, playing with kitty, cleaning, organizing, etc. I went with her to her nursery class on Sunday. She was fun to play with.

I found the old books that Dave wrote when he was little. I had fun reading them to Kobe and his friend (McKay), Solena and Bryce. Then Kobe and I made books for him.

This is Lindsey with her cast while they were posing for pictures after the show. These kids love her. She is amazing with them. She has earned their respect so now she can have fun with them.

We have always given something to Lindsey after her shows that will represent the show. This is a Barbie decked out like Thoroughly Modern Millie. It was a ton of fun to see the show and watch the amazing production Lindsey was responsible for.

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