Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rolayne's updates

I went to Education Week during the 3rd week of August. I got to stay with Dave and Sarah and their family. This was the last night there when I played with the kids. They each decorated their "initial" with stickers. It was fun to play with them and see how big they are getting.
We went to watch Bryce's soccer practice one night. It was fun to play with the girls. Solena is very talkative and friendly right now. She loves to sing and play. Samantha is growing and doing so many new things.

Before I went home on Saturday, I stayed and watched some of Bryce's soccer game. At this age it is still "Swarm Ball." It was very fun to watch him run. Dave is the coach for his team. Bryce scored a goal during the game.

Kobe is "Mr. Creative" (follows after his dad). This is his museum wall. He has made all kinds of creations out of paper plates, pipe cleaners, popscicle sticks, tape and whatever else he can find. He started kindergarten his last week and he loves it.

Lindsey and I went with Brandon Sellers to dinner for his birthday. It was so fun to catch up with Brandon. He is loving BYU and being independent.

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