Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kent has been working very hard to make a new "bridge" over to the t-house. He first banged out the stones in the old path. We want to make the path over more safe for people to cross. He worked very hard (as usual). He puts together the puzzle to make these stones work.

Here's the completed path. It is beautiful.
This is Kent showing Jackson and Heather Westenskow what the pond looks like when we first turned it on. Jackson and Heather are living with us for a month while they are waiting to get into their new home. We've had a lot of fun with them.
Now Kent has ripped out the deck to the t-house. He will be building a new deck out of gray trex. It will stick out over the pond.
This is the new fountain. It has a much smaller pond at the top than before. The water runs over the falls and now down through one pathway into the hole. This is the hole that you have seen before with the carpet and rubber liner. The carpet was to protect the rubber liner from rubbing against the cinder blocks. The black piping now has the pump in it. It has holes all around in it so the water can get into the piping, but not the rocks. The next step is to fill rocks the rest of the way to the top of the rubber liner, then covering the whole thing with weed barrier, and then putting black round stones all around the whole old pond. The water will disappear into the rocks and recycle back up to the top. The rest of the pool is a "dry pond" that you see in many typical Japanese gardens. The only problem right now is that the pump used to pump from the lowest pond up to the top pond and need to have a lot of pressure to do it. It is almost too strong for this small fountain. The water runs very hard. Kent has also discovered a leak on the right side where the pond connects with the old deck. I'm sure he will figure out what to do. It is really beautiful. You should come and see it!

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