Thursday, September 18, 2008

Japanese Gardens finished!

The rocks have now been added to make the ponds complete. It looks beautiful. The rocks represent water, and it is much safer, less maintenance, and No Algae!
The new granite stone lantern looks beautiful overlooking the lower pond. The bridge had it's lower cement carved away.
The water now runs down into the rocks and is recycled. It looks beautiful. You should come and see it!


Casey said...

Is this your garden...
Wow It is beautiful
I stumble up on you blog
Enjoyed your pictures

Lonely Paul said...


Nathan said...

Hey Mom and Dad,
It looks awesome. I was jealous that Suz got to be there and see it. Maybe next year!

Melissa said...

The garden was beautiful when we went in there yesterday. Craig Holt was marveling at your expensive rocks. I loved the little lanterns. Thanks again for letting me use your lovely surroundings!